Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry (toothache, cracked tooth and trauma) in Bondi.
Are you looking for a dental emergency clinic near you? Visit Bondi Family Dentist for urgent dental treatment in Bondi, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.

Bondi Family Dentist – Your Dental Emergency Destination in Bondi

When it comes to dental emergencies, the sooner you seek medical assistance, the better. For any minor or major complications, people from Bondi come to Bondi Family Dentist. We are the go-to clinic for emergency dentistry due to our fast service, unmatched care, and fair prices.

Our emergency dentist remains prepared to handle any situation, no matter how bad it looks. We use the latest tools and equipment to determine the source of the problem and provide an appropriate solution to relieve your pain.

Whatever your dental emergency, contact us to reach the understanding staff and schedule an appointment.

Same-Day Dental Appointment

For emergency dentistry or urgent care in Bondi, you can call our dental care practice and schedule a visit for the same day. Let us know how fast you can come so that we can prepare a room for you and gather the team.

Common Dental Emergencies in Bondi

Some of the common dental emergencies that patients experience include:

● Chronic toothache
● Broken or chipped tooth
● Knocked-out or cracked tooth
● Broken orthodontic wires and brackets
● Dental abscesses
● Lost or broken fillings

In addition to emergency dentistry, we offer a vast selection of services, including:

● Tooth removal
● Dental implants
● Laser treatments
● Invisalign®

When you visit Bondi Family Dentist, we will carefully examine your teeth and gums, do an x-ray, and provide immediate care.

Chronic Toothache

If you experience severe toothache and your mouth is swollen, contact us at Bondi Family Dentist to schedule an appointment for emergency care.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

If possible, save the piece of your broken tooth. In the meantime, rinse your mouth with warm water and apply gauze to stop the bleeding.

Cracked Tooth

Don’t try to remove any tissue fragments. Instead, make sure the tooth stays in the socket. If you can find pieces of your tooth, put them in a cup of milk with salt.

Broken Orthodontic Wires and Brackets

If your brackets or wires break and hurt your gum, tongue, or cheek, please don’t cut the wire or attempt to fix the issue yourself. Instead, call Bondi Family Dentist to schedule your emergency dental treatment, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Dental Abscesses

Abscesses are common infections that occur around the tooth’s root. When not addressed in time, abscesses can damage the gum tissue and surrounding tooth or spread the infection to other parts of your mouth.

Contact Us

Our dentists at Bondi Family Dentist in Bondi aim to assist you no matter the dental emergency. We will discuss your options, prepare for a procedure, and help you recover from your emergency dentistry treatment.

Contact us today at 02 9369 5647 to schedule a same-day appointment or book online below, and we’ll work to restore your oral health and get your smile back.